Part of the LG Hausys Group, HI-MACS® is made from a blend of 75% natural minerals and natural pigments set in an acrylic matrix. This modern material provides a high performance solution for horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional applications. Solid Surface NI Ltd are a LG HI-Macs UK trained company and are authorised fabricators and installers of LG HI-Macs.

Residential Applications

Easily fabricated and boasting visually seamless lines, Hi-MACS® instantly makes itself at home in almost every room of the house.

Whether it’s for wall panelling or an impressive table which makes a real statement in the living area, non-porous worksurfaces and sinks in the kitchen or easy-clean vanity basins, baths and showers, it’s a highly functional material that will not only stand the test of time in terms of cutting-edge style and appearance but also durability.

Commercial Applications

Hardwearing, yet aesthetically pleasing, when it comes to finding a solution for commercial projects which consistently delivers on both style and practicality, HI-MACS® is now the number one choice of many of the UK’s leading architects and interior designers.

The design possibilities and flexibility of this outstanding cost-effective material are endless. Bold, energetic colours allow you to create breath taking designs which are truly captivating