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Standard format : 300x138cm


1,2 cm | 2 cm | 3 cm

Flooring Sizes

30x30 cm | 40x40 cm | 60x30 cm | 60x40 cm | 60x60 cm

Available in these edges

For all silestone stock

Straight Bevelled Edge

The straight edge is the simplest of all, as it has the same thickness as the worktop but with a straight finish.

2 + 2 Eased edge

This type of edge gives the worktop continuity while maintaining its shock and scratch resistance.


A totally rounded finish that creates a sensation of complete continuity in the kitchen, while maintaining the same worktops thickness.

dove chest

A traditional edge formed by a finish with very elegant curves.


The perfect solution, to which a side piece is added to add robustness to the kitchen or bathroom worktop.


An edge with the same worktop thickness that softens the kitchen or bathroom worktop with a curved finish.